Willing to be Changed by What We’ve Started

When we embrace life’s journey we don’t always know what we will find. When we start a new job, make new friends, enter or leave a relationship, raise children, move to a new place; all of these things bring both joys and challenges that ask some change or transformation from us. Are we willing to step out of … Continued

A Parent’s Heart

There’s something fierce and wonderful that happens to the heart when we have to care for children. Children are a precious gift. They come to us vulnerable and needing our care. Today we celebrate and honor all the ways we care for the children entrusted to us.

What do you Say after You Say, “I Am a Unitarian Universalist”

One problem that many of us have with Unitarian Universalism is that we’re not sure how to talk about this church or this faith tradition with those we meet. When we’re asked questions about what UU’s believe, we often get tongue-tied. It’s sometimes easier to say that we can believe whatever we want. That’s not … Continued