Spiritual Turning Points

Turning points happen. The question is, is the turning point a challenge to new growth and understanding or is it an impenetrable and insurmountable road block. How we negotiate the turning points in life depends largely on our personality, our support system, our finances, our culture and our emotional and spiritual resilience…and our own determination. … Continued

The Holy and the Broken

The song, “Hallelujah,” by Leonard Cohen has been sung and recorded by numerous people and is now one of the most well-known songs in popular culture. But the song didn’t start out that way and has had a bumpy history. I think it is so well-loved because it speaks to both the Holy and the … Continued

Celebrating Your Commitment

Celebrating Your Commitment
As we kick-off the pledge drive for the next fiscal year, we’ll honor and celebrate all that you do to make this a vibrant, caring and welcoming Beloved Community.