Being With the Other

We are living in challenging times,  now more than ever it is important for us to work across religious lines for a safe and stronger civil society. There is truth at the roots of all religion that speaks to the Mystery of Life. Let us explore the ways we can be with each other in … Continued

A Year in Transition

One year ago some of you were sad about the loss of your minister, Rev Dan King, and fearful of what this next would bring. There have been many joys and some struggles as you have negotiated this time of transition. Let’s share some of those together as you Commission the Search Committee that you … Continued

A Walk with Jesus

There is a wonderful passage in Luke’s gospel where two sad and weary travelers are leaving Jerusalem after the Passover celebration during which Jesus was crucified. They meet someone on the road that they begin to think resembles him. Let’s explore their story more fully on this Easter Sunday.