The Moo Shu Burrito and the Korean Taco

The Moo Shu Burrito and the Korean Taco. We are a land of immigrants. Unless you are American Indian, you or your ancestors came here from somewhere else. More than a melting pot, the United States has become this wonderful salad with people from many places, races and cultures building meaningful connections with each other. Figuring out what to do about people who want to be here continues to be a difficult political battle. What are we to think? What can we do?

Music Through the Ages Concert Service – February 12, 10:30 AM

In conjunction with our 300th anniversary, this unique Sunday morning service will take attendees through the church’s and the town’s history in an entertaining and informative journey. There will be stories and fun facts from history and a wide variety of music sung by award-winning soloist and Kingston resident Andrew Garland, along with the First Parish choir, under the direction of Dr. Randy McGee. Attendees will have full opportunity to sing along as well.