Rev. Arthur Lavoie

What Clouds Our Vision

I just had cataract surgery. My vision has become more and more clouded over the last couple of years. Yet, at first, I didn’t notice that there might be something wrong. Most often there are emotional and psychological issues that limit our ability to see clearly. Our fears, our anxieties and our prejudices get in … Continued


All ages are welcome at today’s service that will be a celebration of all that you are as a church community. Andrew Garland will offer a solo as he, Corrine and their children are preparing their move to Boulder, Colorado. We will honor recent high school graduate, Leanne Eldridge, with scholarships and introduce our new … Continued

Willing to be Changed by What We’ve Started

When we embrace life’s journey we don’t always know what we will find. When we start a new job, make new friends, enter or leave a relationship, raise children, move to a new place; all of these things bring both joys and challenges that ask some change or transformation from us. Are we willing to step out of … Continued

A Parent’s Heart

There’s something fierce and wonderful that happens to the heart when we have to care for children. Children are a precious gift. They come to us vulnerable and needing our care. Today we celebrate and honor all the ways we care for the children entrusted to us.

What do you Say after You Say, “I Am a Unitarian Universalist”

One problem that many of us have with Unitarian Universalism is that we’re not sure how to talk about this church or this faith tradition with those we meet. When we’re asked questions about what UU’s believe, we often get tongue-tied. It’s sometimes easier to say that we can believe whatever we want. That’s not … Continued

A Year in Transition

One year ago some of you were sad about the loss of your minister, Rev Dan King, and fearful of what this next would bring. There have been many joys and some struggles as you have negotiated this time of transition. Let’s share some of those together as you Commission the Search Committee that you … Continued

A Walk with Jesus

There is a wonderful passage in Luke’s gospel where two sad and weary travelers are leaving Jerusalem after the Passover celebration during which Jesus was crucified. They meet someone on the road that they begin to think resembles him. Let’s explore their story more fully on this Easter Sunday.

Thanks! OOPS! Gimme! Wow!

As we enter Holy Week, the most sacred time in the Christian calendar, let us consider some ideas about prayer. These have been identified by one of my colleagues as the four basic modes of prayer. As Unitarian Universalists, we don’t often talk about the ways we pray or what meaning prayer has in our … Continued

The Village

It takes a village to raise a child.” That’s an expression that is well known in Unitarian Universalist circles. But I’m not sure we spend much time reflecting on what that might mean in our lives and in our congregations. We also don’t often remember that we all need that village, that deep connection of … Continued

Honoring the Women

Women do much of the work that is needed for a thriving church and community. But they don’t always get recognized in the history books. This morning we’ll explore and celebrate some of the women who have made significant contributions to the history and vitality of First Parish Church Kingston.