Rev. Arthur Lavoie

What Our Souls Crave

We will use the Advent theme of faith to explore the third Unitarian Universalist Principle, “Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement To Spiritual Growth.” We all have the need to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, and we know that this growth can lead toward greater happiness and fulfillment. How can we better develop ourselves spiritually? … Continued


Webster defines the word “dedicate” as “to set apart for, or to devote to, a special purpose.” As we begin to close the year that marks the 300th Anniversary of the founding of First Parish Church Kingston, we will dedicate the monument in front of the Meetinghouse that marks this anniversary by honoring our past … Continued

We All Have a Stake!

  Throughout our history Unitarians and Universalists have had a commitment to causes that promote freedom and social justice, from the American Revolution, through abolition and women’s suffrage, to the equal rights, women’s equality and LGBT movements of the last century. We will reflect upon these and the issues that affect us all today, especially … Continued

Honoring Our Ancestors, Remembering Those We Have Loved

Many cultures have special rituals and times to remember those who have passed from this life. This is the time when we will remember those whom we have loved, those who have helped shape our lives, those whose lives have touched ours. For this multigenerational service we invite people to bring photos and mementos of … Continued

Who Are You? Where Are You Going?

  We all need goals in our lives and a mission to live by, some purpose that helps direct our actions. As a congregation (like any organization) you also need a mission. It’s a statement of purpose that is based on your values and identifies who you are and where you see yourself going.

Whose Worth and Dignity?

  Our first Unitarian Universalist Principle calls on us to “affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” We love this principle. It strikes at the heart of who we are and our belief that people come first and that everyone has value and agency. Like all our principles, this one can … Continued

the gods that fail us

We are in the midst of the Jewish High Holy Days which give us all an opportunity to reflect on the ways that we have not lived up to our highest ideals, ask forgiveness and celebrate a new year with a clean slate. In that process of self-reflection we also find that we have set … Continued

From Creed to Covenant

  One of the unique features of Unitarian Universalism is that we are a religious tradition that does not have a creed, a set of beliefs that everyone is expected to follow. Instead, we are organized around the covenant or covenants that we have with each other. A covenant is a set of promises that … Continued

Creating Heaven on Earth

  With our second Unitarian Universalist Principle; “We Covenant to Affirm and Promote Justice Equity and Compassion in Human Relations.” In the first of a series of sermons on the UU Principles, we will explore what this might mean and how challenging this might be for our lives.

Water Gives Us Life

For our annual Ingathering Service, we will once again share our summer stories with water that represents the places where we have been and what we have learned over the summer. This will be a multi-generational service followed by coffee hour and introduction to this year’s Religious Education Program.