Jennifer Shattuck

The Sun Returns

The winter Solstice is upon us. In this multigenerational service we will use solstice stories from different traditions to celebrate the return of the sun and the joy that we have at this time of year.

300th Family Celebration

Families of First Parish Kingston will gather to honor the 300th Anniversary of the founding of this church. This celebration in story and song will help the children better understand the significance of this great day!

Honoring Our Ancestors, Remembering Those We Have Loved

Many cultures have special rituals and times to remember those who have passed from this life. This is the time when we will remember those whom we have loved, those who have helped shape our lives, those whose lives have touched ours. For this multigenerational service we invite people to bring photos and mementos of … Continued

Water Gives Us Life

For our annual Ingathering Service, we will once again share our summer stories with water that represents the places where we have been and what we have learned over the summer. This will be a multi-generational service followed by coffee hour and introduction to this year’s Religious Education Program.