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A Look Inside

Kingston Church Celebrates 300th Anniversary

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We All Have a Stake in Affordable Healthcare

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a pre-existing condition is any health problem you had before the date that your new health insurance plan took effect. Under the ACA (Obamacare), insurance companies couldn’t refuse you coverage or charge you more simply because you had one of these conditions — but multiple bills proposed in 2017 would have changed that. Proposals have varied slightly, but pre-existing conditions have consistently been at risk. The potential for people with these same health problems landing in a high-risk pool is real. So those with pre-existing conditions could find themselves unable to afford insurance or to only buy bare bones policies that don’t cover the treatments they need.


To show support for healthcare reform that includes mandated coverage for pre-existing conditions, the members and friends of First Parish Church Kingston put stakes in the ground across from the church. On the stakes, people wrote the pre-existing conditions that they or their family members have been diagnosed with. We are concerned that we will not be able to pay for ongoing treatment of these conditions if there is not mandated coverage.


•        Acid reflux

•        Acne

•        ADD

•        AIDS and HIV

•        Alcohol or drug abuse, with treatment

•        Alzheimer’s and dementia

•        Anemia

•        Aneurysm

•        Angioplasty

•        Arrhythmia

•        Anorexia

•        Anxiety

•        Arthritis

•        Asthma

•        Atrial Fibrillation

•        Autism

•        Bariatric surgery

•        Basal cell carcinoma

•        Bi-polar disorder

•        Blood clot

•        Breast cancer

•        Bulimia

•        By-pass surgery

•        C-section

•        Cancer

•        Celiac disease

•        Cerebral embolism

•        Cerebral palsy

•        Cerebral thrombosis

•        Colon polyps

•        Congestive heart failure

•        Coronary artery disease

•        COPD

•        Crohn’s disease

•        Cystic Fibrosis

•        DMD

•        Depression

•        Diabetes

•        Down Syndrome

•        Enlarged prostate

•        Epilepsy

•        Glaucoma

•        Gout

•        Heart Disease

•        Hemophilia

•        Hepatitis C

•        Herpes

•        High cholesterol

•        Hypertension

•        Hysterectomy

•        Kidney disease

•        Kidney stones

•        Knee surgery

•        Leukemia

•        Lupus

•        Lyme disease

•        Lymphoma

•        Migraines

•        Multiple sclerosis

•        Muscular dystrophy

•        Narcolepsy

•        Nasal Polyps

•        Obesity

•        Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

•        Organ transplant

•        Osteoprosis

•        Pacemaker

•        Panic Disorder

•        Paraplegia

•        Paralysis

•        Parkinson’s disease

•        Pending surgery or hospitalization

•        Pneumocystic pneumonia

•        Postpartum depression

•        Pregnancy

•        Restless Leg Syndrome

•        Schizophrenia

•        Seasonal affective disorder

•        Seizures

•        Sleep apnea

•        Sleep disorders

•        Stent

•        “Sexual deviation or disorder”

•        Sickel cell disease

•        Skin Cancer

•        Stroke

•        Tooth disease

•        Tuberculosis

•        Transsexualism

•        Ulcers

































Sources include the Kaiser Family Foundation and TIME.