Governing Board

The Mission of the Governing Board is to govern the ministries of the church to fulfill the congregation’s vision, mission and goals.


The Mission of the Membership Ministry is to keep current members actively engaged in our church community paving the way for new comers to become involved and join the church.


The Mission of the Music Ministry is to ensure that music helps First Parish members and guests feel connected with the divine

Building & Grounds

The Mission of the Building and Grounds committee is to ensure building safety and comfort by enhancing the quality of our physical facility.


The Mission of the Finance Committee is to steward the financial health of the congregation

Religious Education

The Mission of the Religious Education Committee is to provide a safe and welcoming community where children, youth and their families feel valued and supported in their spiritual growth and development.


The Mission of the Personnel Committee is to help manage and facilitate positive working relationships between the Parish and its employees.

Faith In Action

The Mission of the Social Justice Ministry is to promote spiritual growth through activism.


The Mission Statement of the Worship Ministry is to create moments when we are present to our connection with the mystery.